Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Kurtz - Summer 2020

 Hello Friends😊!!

This year, we spent 2.5 months of our summer volunteering at Golden Bell Camp & Conference Center, serving as RV Hosts once again,   

To be honest, this was not in "our plans," but obviously in God's. We had made arrangements to work in order to safe funds for our expenses for the rest of the year. However, again and again, the Lord provided in His mighty ways. 

His mercies are new everyday! He did want us to be at the camp because He knew help was really needed. The camp was short staffed and all of us were stretched everywhere we served. There is no doubt it was the Holy Spirit who kept us all going everyday thru the many different activities. In spite of the limitations, the camp was able to have some camps and was able to bless many lives. We, at the RV park, were unusually packed most of the time as people were very eager to get out of their homes. Churches, families and friends were able to come and enjoy some healthy fun outdoors. 

Though the enemy thinks he is in control, God is the One sitting on the Throne. His Holy Spirit is always at work. His love for souls that can be rescued, hearts that can be healed and relationships that can be mended are above anything else happening around this world.

I, Marielos, helped around the RV Park most of my time. I assisted with the RV Park office: putting welcome packages together, check-in & outs, cleaning the restrooms and of course  welcoming the RVers and tenters. I also enjoyed making a  sign for the RV Shack, named  Gotta Hav' It, a new sign for the RV Park that we put right below the GB main entrance sign that I touched up.  


Garito 😍 put into practice his God giving talents remodeling the building where Gotta Hav' It is now. He was patience as I requested him to take care of some projects around the RV Park: putting up a stop sign, the new RV sign by GB Camp main entrance. He also built a fence and helped with a horseshoe pit among other projects around the Camp.

But not everything was work. We had some good times with friends and family in Christ. Our first week at the camp, we, the volunteers, and all the staff enjoyed some yummy BBQ cooked at the Chuck Wagon. We went out for dinner & fellowship with bothers and sisters who used to work at the camp  and, with our other RV volunteers. We also took a couple of rides to see a friend we met in Costa Rica and did some sightseeing. God is good! 


We will be posting more pictures on our Facebook page.

As always we ask you to please PRAY for the following: 

  • For an increase in our knowledge of God's love, blessings and riches to be able to share The Gospel in a way that brings Him glory, praise and honor.  
  • For the Holy Spirit’s coverage, guidance and discernment to use opportunities wisely to share the message of The Cross while serving the needy.  
  • For God to keep us strong and in good health, encouraged and persevering no matter the circumstances. 
  • For safety while on the road to our different destinations.
  • For Financial Support:  We live by faith and not by sight. The Lord has been faithful as He puts in people's hearts to donate to our ministry thru different means: funds, tokens of love like gifts cards, food, etc. So, Would you prayerfully consider supporting our ministry and/or pray for others to do so. Our major expenses are food & fuel. Any amount will truly bless and help us as every seed that is planted in our ministry has always been multiplied in ways beyond our understanding, simply in God's supernatural ways. For support, please follow this link: