Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to Y'all!

We pray you and your families are blessed with God's gift, Jesus, in your hearts & in your families. It is in Him and Him alone that we find peace and hope especially in these days when we realized that many times, we can take things for granted. We do pray that you and your loved ones have not been hurtfully affected by the pandemic nor by the many other negative events in our country and world. In any case, we rest in the fact that our King Lord and Savior Jesus is the ONE seating on the throne and in control. He has been faithful and as always provided above our needs and expectations.

As many of you know, we have been in South Texas since the very end of August to help our oldest son with a fixer upper he was in the process of buying. During the time we had to wait for closing, we were forced to drive all the way to Indiana to get one of our RV slides fixed. Though it was not fun having to drive all the way up, God gave Gary the idea of using some of our time to go and visit the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. As we shared in our Facebook page, both experiences were amazing. To be able to get a sense of the size and life style in the Ark and to saturate our brain with more knowledge and facts about our creation thru our experience in the Museum were both encouraging and reinforcing/supporting for our faith.

Back in Kingsville, TX, we were able to start helping with the beginning of our son's fixer upper fully for about a month. Then, it was me, Marielos alone for a couple fo weeks.

Most of you do not know that Gary was scheduled to have total reversed shoulder surgery mid-December, but three weeks before that, he tripped and while trying to break his fall, he totally blew out what was left of his left shoulder, so the surgery was moved to December 7th. Needless to say, the past weeks before and after surgery have been interesting. Praise God, Gary is improving faster than we thought. During his recovery, he was guiding our son with the remodeling via phone or while sitting at the fixer-upper. Right now, little by little, he is looking for ways to use his gift of service. I am so proud of my amazing husband!

The Lord has blessed both our sons with incredible godly women which we had the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas with. Grateful for family, love and health. We enjoyed Jesus' birthday with a great meal, a good time and lots of laugher.  


For all of our friend who had met Titus, he is doing better. He has lost weight and has more energy to play. He continues to be our brat that keeps us and those around us so entertained. We love him to pieces.
How can you support us:

  • Please do cover us with your prayers: for Gary's continuous and successful recovery & strength and guidance for me.
  • For divine appointments whenever we come in contact with people who do not know Jesus and do not have a relationship with God the Father thru Him. 
  • For our finances: being the children of God comforts us knowing that He always provides by putting in people's heart to support us with our expenses. Our major expense is gas to drive to the places we serve. Right now, it is mainly to take care of the rent of the RV spot as well as any extra charges/related expenses that Medicare does not cover from his surgery. Please prayerfully consider donating any amount God puts in your heart following this link: 
    • Online donations are tax-deductible only for USA Citizens & Residents thru down to the DONATE online section and please be sure to choose Gary and Marielos in the Missionary/Project box. 
    • You can send your tax-deductible financial gift directly to us at Water, Worship & Word at the address below. Please make checks payable to WWW and write Gary and Marielos Kurtz in the memo. Also, please add a short note with your email address to be able to get a receipt for your donation.

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