Support Us

We are calling you to prayerfully consider becoming one of our prayer warriors, or to be a sender by supporting us with your contributions or both.

A. Being a faith-based ministry makes us depend primarily on prayers:
  • To keeps us strong, encouraged and persevering no matter the circumstances.
  • For decision making as where to go and serve, and while on the road to our different destinations 
  • For the Holy Spirit’s coverage, guidance and discernment to use opportunities wisely to share the message of The Cross while serving the needy.
  • We need a prayer support team. Prayer warriors would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at (please continue to use this email address to contact us)
B. Financial Support
Would you prayerfully consider contributing with one of the expenses down below? It does not have to be full amounts, any amount will truly bless and help us as every seed that is planted in our ministry has always been multiplied in ways beyond our understanding, simply in His supernatural ways.
  • Online donations are tax-deductible only for USA Citizens & Residents thru Scroll down to the DONATE online section and please be sure to choose Gary and Marielos in the Missionary/Project box. 
  • You can send your tax-deductible financial gift directly to us at Water, Worship & Word at the address below. Please make checks payable to WWW and write Gary and Marielos Kurtz in the memo. Also, please add a short note with your email address to be able to get a receipt for your donation.
       Gary  & Marielos Kurtz 
       c/o W.W.W
       2520 W Brookhart Way
       Phoenix, AZ 85085

USA Missions Budget:

  • Medical/Vehicle/RV Insurance: $420/month 
  • RV site rates: $30-$60/daily (when applicable)
  • Mileage/fuel: $175-$190/day (when traveling)
  • Vehicle maintenance: $95/month
  • Food: $75/week. When volunteering with organizations that provide food, we only have to spend in food for the weekend. 
  • Office & Other Supplies - Miscellaneous: $100 
  • Phone - Internet: $100 
If the Lord leads us to serve abroad once a year, when the time comes, we will communicate our budget for it.

International Mission Budget: 

  • Tickets: 
  • Car rental: 
  • Lodging (occasionally): 
  • Food: $60 p/day 
  • Miscellaneous:

Thank you for your taking the time to read and consider supporting us with your prayers and financial gifts. Marielos and I live a very simple life and try to use all our resources as thrifty as possible. We are thankful for all God has blessed us with including our new prayer and supporting friends and family.

May God bless you!