Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Kurtz's in "isolation"

Hello Y'all 😊!!
Though the enemy thought he could restrict us from serving The Lord because of the virus, God already had plans for us during this season.  For the last 3 months, He gave us the privilege to serve at the Adrian Camp and Conference Center in Adrian, Georgia. We spend a lot of hours in the remodeling of the nurses station. Gary replaced all the eaves and overhangs, drywalled the bathroom and upgraded much of the electric service. I (Mari) sealed and painted the entire interior in addition to brightening up the overall look of the station. Here are some of the pictures to show you the transformation.



Gary was also instructed to take down one of the cottages, board by board on his own. I helped him a few hours with removing nails and loading a trailer with the many reusable boards taken down.

The Gaga Pit needed to be painted too, so I gave it some love. I also made a signed  and some art for the outside of the Nurse Station.

Right now, we are in Golden Bell Camp and Conference Center where we will be volunteering until September, God willing. We are RV Hosts and Gary is also  helping with maintenance around the camp and as requested in the Camp.
Please keep these camps in your prayers as many of the events were canceled but finally some are being allowed to open with restrictions.

For more pictures, I will posting them on our Facebook page

God is good, in control and sitting on the Throne. He is faithful and watches over us! He has given us the gift of prayer to encourage and lift each other up, so please keep these prayer requests in your devotion and quiet times:
  • For divine appointments wherever we are serving.
  • For an increase in our knowledge of God's love, blessings and riches to be able to share The Gospel in a way that brings Him glory, praise and honor.  
  • For the Holy Spirit’s coverage, guidance and discernment to use opportunities wisely to share the message of The Cross while serving the needy.  
  • For God to keep us strong and in good health, encouraged and persevering no matter the circumstances. 
  • For safety while on the road to our different destinations.
  • For Financial Support:  We live by faith and not by sight. The Lord has been faithful as He puts in people's hearts to donate to our ministry thru different means: funds, tokens of love like gifts cards, food, etc. So, Would you prayerfully consider supporting our ministry and/or pray for others to do so. Our major expenses are food & fuel. Any amount will truly bless and help us as every seed that is planted in our ministry has always been multiplied in ways beyond our understanding, simply in God's supernatural ways. For support, please follow this link: http://www.jesusisthewayrvministry.org/p/support-us.html  

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